Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thank You Leah

Author: Kevin Johnsen
Location: Antigua
I have good news and bad news. The good news is we have just arrived in Antigua, our final destination. The bad news is Im not going to tell you about it. Youll have to wait for tomorrow. Today I want to talk about Leah Anne Shopneck. Leah is one of the staff members onboard. Shes responsible for a number of things, but I basically think of her as a keystone take her away and the whole program collapses. Included among her duties is bringing you this blog. And although youve never met her, for the last 87 days shes been tirelessly working for you. Shes the woman behind the camera, always remembering to take pictures while the rest of us are busy playing in waterfalls. Shes the one that motivates and reminds each of us to write our skippers blog. Shes the one who always somehow manages to find internet no matter how remote our location or how slow the connection speed. And she is the one that courageously battles the technological problems inherent in the process. Its an incredible amount of work and if youre reading this, youve obviously been following them. If the blog is a window into our world, Leah is the frame. And since, unfortunately, you cant thank her in person I thought Id do it for all us.