Monday, March 8, 2010

A Soggy Suspicion

Author: Gabe Cohen
Location: Underway to Isle de Salut in the Atlantic Ocean
I have become convinced that the ocean is trying to mess with us. I will present what evidence I have gathered:
-Our route across the Atlantic was well known for its consistent and dependable southeasterly trade winds
-We experienced no such winds, and were becalmed for over half the crossing
-We are now in the Doldrums, a region notorious for its light, sporadic winds and calm, friendly seas
-We have been consistently going 7-10 knots ever since entering these so-called Doldrums
-The recent weather has been rougher than any weve seen so far. There are waves constantly crashing over our bow, spectrally illuminated by our running lights, drenching any hapless shipmates who dare to sit forward of the beam. The winds were so intense last night that we dropped our main, just to be safe.

Whatever is going on here cant just be a coincidence. Ill be sleeping with one eye open from now on to keep tabs on the ocean.

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