Thursday, March 11, 2010

Devil's Island

Author: Ned King
Location: Isle de Salut, French Guiana
Early yesterday morning Argo sailed up to the small chain of islands known as Isle du Salut and dropped anchor. These palm tree laden islands were an old small penal colony during the French Revolution. During our day of exploration many shipmates found themselves walking a trail around the island, smashing coconuts on rocks for their meat, tossing around a Frisbee, and relaxing at the only restaurant on the island as they studied for their OCE midterm today. It was difficult keeping the island fresh as we quickly exhausted all there was to be done, but in doing so, found a good amount of time to just relax from the demands of being on watch and life underway. When Argo visits a new place, we dont just go as any normal tourist; we see places in a unique fashion that encompasses everything one can possibly do there. From going on a mission to crack a coconut and savor the delicious reward inside to napping on the off-trial rock face shore of the island, we do it all, and in that way today was a success.

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