Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Certified Divers

Author: Jessica (Beaker) Wurzbacher
Location: Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Today was the culmination of our scuba diving certification course. All teams successfully completed the fourth and final dive to attain their PADI Open Water certification. We now have a fleet of streamlined, neutrally buoyant underwater explorers.
The dive today was on a tug boat wreck, it was teeming with life, schools of fish hovered over its deck, spiny head blennies found homes in the hull and garden eels poked inquisitively out of the sandy bottom.
While not diving the shipmates continued their above water exploration of the lovely island of Bequia. A team of joggers joined me this morning for a run up Mt Pleasant, which was so steep it ended up being not too Pleasant. Another highlight of the day were the goodies picked up at the Gingerbread, a delicious bakery overlooking the bay.
Another great day on Argo.

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Joanna Chodakowska said...

Congratulations Argonauts on your completion to be certified scuba divers!!!