Saturday, January 16, 2010

Table Mountain

Author: Dan
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Today marked the long awaited beginning to Argos spring semester complete with a full compliment of students and staff, we started our day with a pancake breakfast and a program meeting. Throughout the day staff members shared tips with students about living in their new home and the crew began building the bonds that will see us through the voyage. After lunch there was some free time for students to explore the VandA Waterfront area where Argo is docked, some enjoyed ice cream while others relaxed on board, taking in their new home. Later, after the hot southern summer sun dropped a little in the sky, we headed up to a local peak called Lions Head, which was summited after a 1 hour hike each way, culminating with a short chain climb to actually reach the summit. Lions Head boasts some extraordinary views and we could not have picked a better day to hike. After returning to the base, taxis shuttled us the short distance to the famous Table Mountain Cable Car where we reached another peak in a very different way; by riding the cable car to the top. Once at the peak the plan was to watch the sunset and have dinner, but alas the fickle cape weather piped up and the wind began to blow, clouds covered the mountain and the siren sounded so off we went to ride the car down before it stopped running due to heavy wind. Luckily there were pizzas waiting when the hungry group reached Argo. Now its time for showers and sleep as tomorrow will be an even earlier morning the safari starts at 0600.

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