Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan 25th Argo Update

Jason calls in from day three of Argo's passage west to St. Helena en route to Brazil.
No fish caught but science and seamanship courses provided great opportunities to interact with the marine environment.


Joanna Chodakowska said...

Ahoy there!! Jason

No Fish ?! but lots of stars.

PS wrote a few words yesterday,
but forgot to mention.


Allen said...

Yes! that's awesome to hear you talk like a sea master on the far side of the world. your learning a lot and experiencing waay more, i'm proud my bro is doing something like this. wow, how i wish i was in your position, but that's ok because you have my genes and our genes are prospering with very different experiences compared to our previous generations!

I listening to your podcasts and reading your posts, keep it up!

bagtaggar said...

Jason, you lucky bastard. I am here in frost bitten Chicago preparing your wealth for when you return. Business is good, and so is the company. Can't wait to have you back. Code word: DELTA FART BANANA OCEAN TANGO MEXICAN FLAVOR DOGS

Dracovan said...

Yay! It's good to hear you voice Jason!! I hope you are having the time of your life. Do many more pod-casts, Joan and I love it. :D


Joan Varitek said...

Jason!!! Allen showed me this link today. It's great to hear you are doing well and seeing lots of stars. I can only imagine how cool it will feel crossing the Atlantic ocean! We miss you very much :)!

Sheepdog said...

Ah I think you've watched master and the commander to many times :P Hope your journey is well and no white squalls come your way.

Be a capable mariner my brother-and I will find you if your taken by pirates!