Friday, October 16, 2009

An Epic Day

Author: Casey
Location: Bequia
Today was an epic day in all senses of the word. The morning started off with a 6:30 fire alarm test. Everyone came on deck bright eyed and bushy tailed with their big orange PFD's on. After breakfast we got Ocean Star ready for the sail from Mayreau to Bequia. While underway, just before noon, the fishing lines we had out started peeling away. Captain Kevin quickly grabbed a pole and was soon reeling in a monster Mahi-Mahi. We managed to land the fish, which weighed about 30lbs or so. An hour later we found ourselves nearing the island of Bequia. We dropped a hook (anchor) and soon put the boat the boat away. The main sail flake was awesome, spirits were high. Everybody helped out with the boat appreciation (BA). For dinner Kevin cooked up the fish and all on board ate some and enjoyed it, even Devin a sworn seafood hater said she liked the fish. It was very sweet day and I feel that the shipmates are really starting to come together as a crew.

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