Saturday, February 14, 2009

Argo Adventures in Love in the Male Atolls

Author: James Bowman
Location: Bandos, Maldives
Today, was a day unlike any other. The fact that our first full rotation of the job wheel landed on Valentine's Day was no accident. The Gods or the cosmos, or whatever causes bioluminescence all conspired to make sure that this momentous occasion was marked by the one day a year, set aside to celebrate love. Love. We have learned to love Argo as our home, transport, dance partner and as the incredibly sexy lady that she is. We have rinsed, chamoised, rust busted, trimmed, reefed, , scrubbed, and caressed her and she has broken her back to allow us to cross oceans and see incredible sights. We all look forward to continuing the love affair in the months and miles to come. As for what we did today, we explored the island of Bandos, its amazing coral reef wall encircling it and indulged in the various resort amenities that have become all to foreign to us. It was a relaxing day caped by an enjoyable night ashore. Skipper Bowman wishing you a good one.

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LisaM said...

James, so happy to see your blog - you are certainly in your element -ocean, great sunsets, learning and beautiful women. What more could a boy ask for? Remember to add a line to your Mom as she has become tech savy enough to follow the Argo ONLINE. Will wonders never cease? Big Hugs, Auntie Lisa