Tuesday, December 11, 2007

final BA

Author: Anna
Location: West End, Tortola
Today was spent giving back to Argo, as the crew scrubbed, polished, and shammied for over seven hours in thanks for bringing us across an ocean. She looks amazing... After a moving final squeeze question about the incredible places we've seen and friends we've made, the crew headed to Pusser's for a final dinner and night out.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sandy Spit

Author: Anna
Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
This morning started early for the ten or so crew who decided to take a sunrise hike on Norman Island. After returning to a breakfast of scrambled eggs, we motored to Sandy Cay, where everyone had free time to explore the small tropical island, play in the surf, and just enjoy the last couple days of each other's company. The rest of the afternoon and night was spent on the closing program and collecting those last couple pictures,songs, and signatures on keepsake charts and journals.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

day 87

Author: Rachel
Location: The Bight, Norman Island
This morning we awoke and a few people did one last dive to complete their Advanced Diver Certification, so now everyone is certified! Once that was complete, we motored to Norman Island where a lot of the ship mates enjoyed lunch at Willy T's, a boat that has been converted into a restaurant. After we stuffed ourselves with burgers and fries, we went snorkeling in some caves nearby where the fish would swim right up to you. The rest of the afternoon was spent swapping photo's and relaxing before dinner and a PSCT meeting to get our Yachtmaster paper work. And so day 87 ended.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

diving part 2

Author: Will
Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Today we finished our diving and are all now scuba certified! Our journey on Argo is quickly coming to an end. It is a beautiful day to lounge around and enjoy the hot Caribbean sun and reflect with ourselves and each other about the past three months.

Dec 6 Argo Update

Michael calls in form the BVIs with an update on the activities aboard Argo for the past few days.

Friday, December 7, 2007

under the sea

Author: Abby
Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Today was a day of extreme diving. We completed five separate dives as part of a two part dive bonanza. We dove deep style over the wreck of the Fearless, did a navigation dive, and a night deep dive over the Fearless. With our passage plans and Telltales in there is no more academic work to be done, which means ample time for play. All in all things are jellin on the good ship Argo. No problem mon!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

daysail duo

Author: Mike H.
Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Today was the much anticipated day of sailing alongside Ocean Star in the home waters between Virgin Gorda and Peter Island. We started early with a speed race (unofficial) and then swapped crews to get a taste of our Caribbean counterpart. When we arrived at Peter Island we set up the boom swing for a bit of water fun. Some of us went snorkeling near shore as well and then settled in for a nice Mexican dinner to conclude another good day in the Caribbean.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

finally... the BVI

Author: Mike C.
Location: Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda
Today was the day which many of us have waited for Argo finally arrived in the BVIs! It's been a long way from the Med, over 6000 nautical miles and this morning at sunrise we sailed through Round Rock passage and into her port of registry. We also had an action-packed day onboard, starting with a BA to clean up while Simon was clearing in. Then we anchored off the Baths to let everyone explore the plethora of boulders, and then on our way to Virgin Gorda the ColReg exam took place. As we motored into Gorda Sound, Ocean Star came into view finally the two ships together. At night we all went onto Ocean Star for a BBQ and returned the favor by hosting the Ocean Star crew afterwards. What a day

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Saba Day

Author: Myla
Location: underway
Today we arrived in Saba early in the morning. It was beautiful! We "marine style" jumped off the dinghy and tried not to get crushed by the wavesand yes- even the girls did it (because we are hardcore). After that we started the hike (1,064 steps)only about ten people actually competed the hike, while others enjoyed food at Tropics or went to Jo Bean's bead shop (beautiful artwork). It was a great day. We hitch-hiked around the safe little town. Everyone had a sweet time, no matter what they chose to do. Tonight we will make our final passage to the BVI.

Monday, December 3, 2007

NavMaster exam day

Author: Dan K.
Location: underway
Today we took our MTE NavMaster exam. It was pretty tough, but I think most of us did well. It took pretty much all morning and a little afternoon. After that, we got to go ashore and relax at Lord Nelson's harbor, which had some nice coffee shops and a great bookstore. Antigua is beautiful and we have all enjoyed our time here. Tonight we will depart for the island of Saba, our second to last passage aboard Argo.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Shirley Heights

Author: Beaker
Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua
We arrived in Falmouth Harbour in the early hours of the morning. The rest of the crew were woken at 7am and mustered on deck in another new location. After breakfast we began a deck wash, which got delayed a little due to rain. The marine biologists took their final exam during the rain break, and once we were clear of customs everyone went ashore to explore Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour. At 4pm we squeezed and then began a shuttling process over to Galleon Beach in the next bay. From here we hiked up to Shirely Heights to listen to the famous steelband play as the sunset. We enjoyed a BBQ feast and scenic views, before heading back to Argo to rest before the much anticipated Nav Master exam tomorrow.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dominica to Antigua

Author: AJ
Location: underway
Today was a normal breakfast at 7:30am. Following our breakfast cleanup we received our laundry from an amazing local named Pancho. As you may recognize the name, Pancho ran the show for us on the hike. After the laundry was dealt with we hauled in our stern lines and made way towards Antigua. Following our lunch underway was our review for our MTE NavMaster exam. The review was solid, as some students had things that were unclear explained to them thoroughly. MTE was followed up with OCE presentations, where students taught the class about the material they have been studying and mastering since the start of the trip. After 3 o'clock some people continued to study, while others slept and some chilled out and played instruments that they acquired places on this trip. We continued our 120 mile passage to Antigua with dinner soon to come. That's all from Argo today, thank you.