Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31 Argo Update

Mimi calls in from Elba with the details from the days event in Italy.

Rest for the weary, finally

Author: Mimi
Location: Elba, Italy
This morning's passage was the last segment of several days' worth of activity. We continued to trade stories of our day in Rome as we scanned the horizon for lights and braced ourselves to keep the boat on course against its windward pull. After an 80 nautical mile passage with clear views of the lights of coastal Italy and the mountainous islands on either side, we arrived in Porto Ferraio, Elba at about 10 AM. After rinsing the salty crust off Argo, the shipmates gathered to examine some unique specimens scraped from our hull. The afternoon brought a much-anticipated block of free time. Some chose to go onshore to begin to uncover Elba's rich history, while others took the time to catch up on their sleep, soak up the sun with a book, or continue studying for our OCE midterm which we'll take tomorrow. When we reconvened over beef stroganoff for dinner, we all felt rejuvenated and ready to continue our exploration of Elba in the coming days.
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Monday, July 30, 2007

The morning after Rome

Author: Colleen
Location: Civitavecchia, Italy
After an exhausting day in Rome, we proved that there truly is no rest for the weary as we woke up early for one of our favorite breakfasts - yogurt and granola. After breakfast, the shipmates learned all about tides in MTE class, then had shore time to explore Civitavecchia and catch up on errands. Meanwhile, some worked feverishly to get ready for their oceanography class presentations. After lunch, students presented their work and we learned about everything from hydrothermal vents, to red tides, to tsunamis. Following class, we enjoyed a couple of free hours, and then prepared Argo for passage to Elba. We sailed off into the sunset after a hearty dinner and watch teams took turns throughout the night to guide our schooner to the island where Napoleon was exiled.
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29 Argo Update

An exciting day in Rome is covered in today's podcast. Lots of details of the crew's adventure in the great city of Rome.

When in ROME!!

Author: Basia
Location: Rome, Italy
We started our day with an early morning train ride from the port in Civitavecchia to Rome, which took about 45 minutes. We first set out for Vatican City and luckily we beat the crowds such that we hardly had to wait in line to get into St. Peter's Cathedral. The cathedral was absolutely stunning! We left St. Peter's Square and walked through the streets of Rome to see the other sites. Along the way we stopped by the Trevi Fountain and threw in a coin in for a lucky wish. We also stopped at the Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) and the posh shops on Via dei Condotti. Next we went to visit the Coliseum and other sites including the Pantheon, the Piazza Navona (or, the "modern heart of Rome") and Castel San Angelo. After a hot and busy day of culture and history, we all enjoyed an Italian feast at L'Orso 80, which consisted of a variety of antipasti including meats, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits.
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 28 Argo Update

Grant give us a quick and concise update of the events aboard Argo....leaving time for a very special Happy Birthday to his Mom!

Arrival in Italy

Author: Grant
Location: Civitavecchia
After an epic sail yesterday and an eerie night passage from Sardinia to mainland Italy, through the haze of a near-full moon, the crew of Argo finally arrived in Civitavecchia - the port city of Rome - a bit sleepy and a bit salty. Never ones to rest on their laurels, however, the tireless crew sprang into action immediately after bringing Argo starboard side to the dock. We launched into a thorough boat appreciation and provisioning period. Finishing up just after lunch, the shipmates finally had time to venture ashore and unwind after four straight days aboard the boat. Our chefs, Marie and Caroline, prepared a delicious pasta alfredo dish to cap off our triumphant arrival to mainland Italy, keeping the crew content and satisfied through the evening's oceanography quiz and literature review presentations. Sunset saw the crew sleeping happily in their bunks, resting up for the many adventures Rome has in store for us tomorrow.
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Friday, July 27, 2007

July 27 Argo Update

Rebecca calls in with details of a great sail!

All Sails Up

Author: Rebecca
Location: Sardinia
This morning we prepped the boat for passage and then sailed north from Cala di Volpe to Madalena and Capreza. We sailed all around the islands. Our exploring took us through some narrow straits which forced us to show off our jib trimming skills (9 tacks in a half hour!!) The weather and the wind were perfect and we had a really nice sail with all six sails up. After dinner we started for Civitavecchia. Everyone's really excited to see Rome!
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 26 Argo Update

Alice calls in with the days audio update.

Boom Swing!

Author: Alice
Location: Cala di Volpe
We woke up in Cala di Volpe and it was still windy and cold outside. After breakfast we took our Nautical Science exam for the first of our International Yachtmaster Training certifications. It was easier than I thought and I think most people did really well. After the test, we went over the answers and then had an oceanography class. It had warmed up by lunch time, and after we ate we had a scheduling meeting and worked out the schedule and classes for the next week. We are sailing for Civitavecchia tomorrow! After scheduling, we had some dinghy driving practice and then everyone set up the boom swing and went swimming. After dinner we had a nautical science class and then watched a movie.
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July 26 Argo Update

Kayla reports on a busy day aboard Argo.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Author: Kayla
Location: Cala di Volpe, Italy
Today we had a marvelous breakfast of cereal and milk. Then the open water and advanced divers went for a dive. When we came back, we had our first celestial navigation lesson with Simon. For dinner, we had the pleasure of feasting on pies, both chicken pot and blueberry, prepared by Mike and Meredith. During dinner clean up, some of us had the treat of being entertained by some of Grant's fantastic lip syncing and air guitar performance to Styx's "Sailing Away". That was followed by an oceanography class and an episode of Blue Planet. Pretty much, it was an awesome day.
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July 25 Argo Update

Jennifer calls in with an update on the crew's arrival in Italy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Author: Jenni
Location: Lavezzi
This morning we woke up to a sluggish start as many of the shipmates were up late into the night finishing their literature reviews for oceanography. We prepared the boat for our sail to Lavezzi. It was a beautiful sail along the coast of Corsica to the tiny island of Lavezzi. We anchored near the rocky coast and sent some divers out to explore the water. The rest of us took advantage of the wind, water, and chance to relax. But the wind was forecast to get too strong for Argo to stay so close to the rocky island, so we packed up and sailed toward Cala di Volpe. This was our best sail yet, with Argo finally topping 10 knots for us, and now we are anchored safe and sound in Italian waters.
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Exploring Bonifacio

Author: Jay
Location: Bonifacio, Corisca
There is no better way to start a Monday other than with a hearty breakfast of Oatmeal. After breakfast was cleaned up, everyone headed to the salon for the oceanography quiz, followed by a class. Once class finished some of the shipmates stayed onboard to do some homework, while others went ashore to do some laundry. Lunch was a spectacular affair, with tasty grilled cheese and tomato soup on offer to cure the hungry bellies.

After lunch we were all free to go to shore and see the town. With the day being so hot, it came as no surprise when Simon and Kate suggested that we go and have a look at the cliffs marking the entrance into Bonifacio. We took a boat full of people over to the cliffs, with a few going up to the Citadel to explore, and a couple staying onboard to escape the afternoon heat. As the afternoon drew to a close, it was back aboard Argo for showers and dinner prep.

After a tasty dinner of shepard's pie, a sailing class and a quick trip to the ice-cream shop for some dessert, we all settled down to some last minute touches on our lit reviews and a good night's sleep.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Arrival in Bonifacio

Author: Desiree
Location: Bonifacio, Corsica
We awoke this morning underway on our last leg of the Calvi to Bonifacio passage. The seas were calm and the winds were light. We docked with a Mediterranean mooring in the old yet charming harbor of Bonifacio. After some boat appreciation we were allotted shore time followed by dinner and an oceanography class.
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July 22 Argo Update

Desiree posts an update with a great description of the crew's current surroundings in historical Bonifacio and the days activities

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Diving and Passage

Author: Marie
Location: Calvi to Bonifacio
After an exhausting hike from the previous day, the crew of Argo awoke wearily. The day started off with a delicious combination of pancakes and nutella. With full tummies it wasn't hard for the open water and advanced divers to descend during their skills dive. At noon, the crew gathered for lunch and clean up. In the afternoon the second round of dives began as the rest of the crew, led by the brilliant and talented skipper of the day, Marie, prepared for passage. The sails went up and dinner was served underway as good old Argo headed into the sunset towards Bonifacio.
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July 21 Argo Update

Marie calls in from Argo which is on passage from Calvi to Bonifacio off the coast of Corsica.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Author: Chelsie
Location: Calvi, Corsica
Today we woke up and had breakfast. Then we got all of our essentials together for a hike. We had a beautiful bus ride to Bonifatu forest, then proceeded with our venture uphill. There were some beautiful mountain views along the way. We finally reached the summit and enjoyed a wonderful baguette lunch which we'd brought with us. The views were amazing. After we made our way back down, we somehow all ended up at the same perfect swimming hole with some waterfalls. We were all so tired that nobody said a word on the drive back to Calvi. We had ice cream, and then headed back to the boat. After a chili dinner, we had a first aid and CPR class.
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July 20 Argo Update

Chelsie calls in with a quick update from the Med.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Author: Vince
Location: Calvi, Corsica
Today was an action-packed day. We had a 0730 breakfast before most of the crew prepared for an open water dive at 0830. After lunch the staff rented two Hobie Cats for the students to take turns sailing. Every shipmate said they enjoyed it and it helped most become more comfortable with the basics of sailing. Afterwards some of us went to town while others did a check out dive. After dinner everyone got ready for their first night out and we all enjoyed the distinctly European atmosphere ashore.
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July 19 Argo Update

Vince calls in from Calvi with the update on the days events. After some shore time and/or Scuba diving the crew got a chance to do some small boat sailing on Hobie cats.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Author: Mike
Location: Calvi, Corsica
Today was an excellent day! We arrived early doors and watch team 1 dropped the anchor and sat watch into the morning. We had a late breakfast at 0830 and surveyed the mountainous backdrop of Corsica. Showing our appreciation to the good ship Argo, we cleaned and scrubbed her decks for a few hours before lunch. After lunch those of us who chose to learn to dive went through our PADI knowledge reviews and are looking forward to diving in the Mediterranean tomorrow. Most of us managed to get into Calvi for a few hours in the afternoon before an excellent Mexican night dinner and IYT sailing class. It was an incredible sunset over the 15th century citadel of Calvi as our 8th day of the program drew to a close.
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July 18 Argo Update

Marine Scientist Mike calls in from Calvi with the details for the crew's first day in Corsica.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Passage

Author: Will
Location: St. Tropez to Corsica
The crew's first passage went well with no problems to report. Upon waking up we ate breakfast and had a leisurely start out to Corsica. With winds from the southeast, sailing seemed unlikely but Argo managed a few knots under sail once or twice. Excitement peaked when our valiant staff aught and slaughtered three sizable tuna. Dinner was a feast and watches to follow persevered with a warm glow and the healthy satisfaction that follows a fresh meal from the ocean.
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July 16 Argo Update

Kiernan posts an update from swank St. Tropez with a report of the lavish land of the rich and famous. The crew took in a marine science class before going ashore to explore the city. The crew then prepared for the long passage in the morning, the crew will set sail for Corsica at first light.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Shore Time in St. Tropez

Author: Kiernan
Location: St. Tropez
We woke up this morning surrounded by mega-yachts, including the Maltese Falcon which we'd seen featured in Yachting World magazine. We enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes expertly prepared by Erika and Kayla and then had a short oceanography class before spending the midday ashore in St. Tropez. We all returned to Argo early for a passage briefing. We then prepped Argo for a morning departure and watched a video about the sail training pioneer Irving Johnson. We depart for Corsica in the morning.
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July 15 Argo Update

Chief Scientist Chantale calls in with the details of the crew's first sail aboard Argo. What started as a slow sail for the crew picked up pace as they practiced a sailing "person overboard" drill on their way to St. Tropez.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

First Sail!

Author: Chantale
Location: St. Tropez
This morning we woke up to a delicious crepe breakfast prepared by Mimi and Jenny, then got ready for our first sail of the trip. There wasn't much wind and we raised three of our sails before raising anchor. The wind picked up mid-morning and we turned the engine off. We had a man overboard drill in the afternoon and we practiced a few sailing maneuvers before striking the sails and anchoring in St. Tropez. After dinner we had an oceanography class.
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bastille Day!

Author: Caroline
Location: La Napole
Today we awoke to our first fire drill at 0630 which had us all on deck within 3 1/2 minutes. After our awakening, we raised anchor in Villefranche and started motoring to Cannes. Underway we had an amazing breakfast prepared by chefs Colleen and Jay. Also underway we had our first dive chat and also learned more about our oceanography course. As we entered the anchorage of Cannes, we were shocked to see the mega-yachts and long beaches. Our crew went ashore and split up, some going to the beach and others exploring the streets of Cannes. We went back to our boat by 1600 and motored to La Napole where we had dinner and prepared the boat for tomorrow's sail. We then had a line handling exercise and pin rail chase. At the end of the night we celebrated Bastille Day by setting off some bottle rockets off the stern, but these were nothing compared to the multiple fireworks shows that we enjoyed later in the night.
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July 15 Argo Update

Argo moves over to Cannes to check out the scene after the crew's first fire and emergency drill. Check back for more written and audio updates.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Author: Heather L. Drake
Location: Villefranche and Monaco
Today started out well compared to the difficult time we all had waking each other for anchor watch. The chefs set out cereal and such for breakfast and we went right into our first oceanography class, which people seemed to like. We left promptly for the oceanography museum in Monaco which pleasantly surprised people - they seemed to not get enough of the turtle and sharks in the aquarium. We left a few hours later to watch the changing of the guards at the Palace where we lost half our group in the crowd of tourists. After exploring glitzy too-rich-for-its-own-good Monaco, we back to a quick shower and ended up goofing around until dinner. I'm really happy people are becoming way more relaxed with each other and everyone is clicking well thus far. The question at dinner was to tell an embarrassing or life and death story which brought out some surprise and laughter.
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July 13 Argo Update

Heather calls in with the crew's activities in Monaco. Lots to see and do in the principality....changing of the guard, the oceanographic museum and some great ice cream.

July 12 Argo Update

Captain Simon calls in the first audio update from S/Y Argo. Check back often for more audio and written updates from the Summer 40-day Mediterranean Sea|mester.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Crew is Assembled

Author: Captain Simon
Location: Villefranche
The Crew of the 40-day Mediterranean voyage assembled yesterday and met each on board Argo. Introductions were formalized and the jet-lagged students were early to bed, waking up only for their hour of anchor watch throughout the night. This morning they were baptized in the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Apparently everyone can swim, so shortly following the swim we all enjoyed a breakfast of french toast. The bulk of the morning had us discussing the policies and agreements that everyone must live by in order to make this trip run smoothly. In the afternoon, shore time was granted and the crew explored their surroundings in Nice and Villefranche. After eating supper we will be inroducing everyone to the intricacies of the vessel in three separate stations, so all hands will begin to understand what it will take to sail aboard Argo.
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